Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ongoing List of Farm Ideas to Try

A list of things I would eventually love to add to our little farm...this list is a work in progress, as I am always thinking up new things I want to try. This lifestyle really feels like a lifetime pursuit, not something that will ever feel "finished". Most days I am content for our little homestead to unfold slowly, giving us time to focus on one or two new things at a time. Still, I can't help dreaming!

1. Fruit Trees-apples, pears, apricot, maybe cherry. I often wish we had put these in years ago so we could be harvesting now, but hindsight is 20-20, right?

2. Sheep-not sure if my dear husband will agree, but I would just love a pair-or two- of sheep. They just seem oh-so-farmy. And I would love to learn to spin their wool!

3.  Bees-Not sure why, but every year I seriously consider getting a hive or two-then I panic and back out. The whole beekeeping thing just seems so very complicated. I think I am getting closer to just diving in though:).

4.  Blackberries. We tried and failed at these before. I would love to try again.

5.  Asparagus. Love the idea of growing some perennial vegetables. We are putting in horseradish this year. Maybe asparagus the next?

6.  Meat chickens. Again, something I often consider, but haven't actually got the nerve to do. Mainly because whenever I bring it up my 12 year-old daughter practically has hysterics at the idea. Sigh. As if the chickens we buy at the store didn't used to be alive!

7.  Turkeys. But see #6, except hysterics would probably be worse since I suspect turkeys have more personality than meat chickens.

8.  Compost pile. I know, I can't believe we don't have one-what kind of wanna-be farmers are we? But now, with all these goats and chickens, we're going to have to start.

9.  Container Potatoes. Actually, I might try this one this very year. I do love a homegrown potato-but man do I hate trying to dig them up without gouging them all to heck.

10.  Mushroom Growing. I spend inordinate amounts of time staring at those mushroom kits they sell in seed catalogs. Must try this at some point!

11. Pressure Canning. I have a water-bath canner and use it often, but I would like to be able to can those low-acid vegetables since my efforts at freezing them always turn out nasty, icy, blocks of mush.

12. Chest Freezer. It just feels like something you ought to have on a farm to help preserve all that stuff you spend all your time growing!

13. Greenhouse. Oh, every winter I wish for a little greenhouse to putter around and start my lettuce in. Now probably, if I actually had one marooned in the snowdrifts out there, I would still not want to get off my butt and go out in the cold- but it would sure look pretty sitting in the yard.

14. More Raised Beds. I love my raised beds. I think my entire garden needs to be compromised of them.

15. Cold-Frame. Kind of like a little mini-greenhouse, but I figure cheaper and more do-able.

16. A Pond. Not sure we have the proper space to dig one. But I'd love to see my ducks out there, instead of in their little plastic wading pool-which is a major PITA to empty by the way.

17.  More Blueberry Bushes. I don't think I am cut out to be a blueberry farmer. Our plants have been soooo slow to get going. I need more blueberries.

And....this will be continued, I am sure!

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  1. I love this list...a little bit of everything...just like ours. We have a pair of sheep (Steve and Jester) - they are WONDERFUL! They are hilarious and have such personalities. It's pretty easy to care for them. We'll be sheering them this Spring and I can't wait to spin their fiber. I have a very basic wheel (a Kiwi) - but I just learned how to actually spin on it. LOVE IT!