Friday, February 22, 2013

The Seeds Are Here!

My seed order came in today. I am so excited! A box of seeds is one of the best Valentine's Day presents-not better than chocolate or flowers or the sweet valentines from the kiddos-but still pretty darn good. I checked over the packing list and it seems that everything arrived, except one of the lettuces which is back-ordered.

We also ordered horseradish and seed potatoes from the same company but those will ship a bit later, closer to planting time. We ordered from Harris Seeds this year, because I felt like trying a new place. They offer a free gardening guide when you order, which is actually quite helpful. It has information about spacing, planting depth, thinning, and how to start each plant. I took it with me to the kids' swim class this afternoon and enjoyed flipping through it.

 I also started my garden journal today. I am just using a simple notebook and making a page for each vegetable planted. I have never done this before, but have often wished I had a record of which varieties we have tried in past years. The journal will also be a place to record successes, failures, and planting notes, as well as thoughts about next year's garden. When it comes time to order seeds, my brain turns to mush and I cannot remember how many beans we planted last year or whether we had enough cilantro. So this should help, if I can remember to use it.

 I'm pretty excited about all this! It looks like the first order of business will be to put some sort of cold frame together, hopefully in the next few weeks. Then we can plant up some lettuce and kale!

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