Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starting From Seed

We started our first seeds indoors yesterday. We have been cooped up for nearly a week now with one or another family member fighting some nasty flu-like virus, so this was a nice little escape for us healthier ones:).

I followed seed starting directions found in a recent issue of Mother Earth News. Basically we:

  • Used a pencil to punch three holes in some small paper cups, then filled them to the top with seed germinating mix. 

  • Planted each cup with either 3 Red Salad Bowl lettuce seeds or 3 Kale Vates seeds. We left the lettuce uncovered, as per directions. The Kale got covered with 1/4 inch of the germinating mix. 

  • Watered the cups and set them in a large plastic container. We used craft sticks to label our varieties.

  • Draped the container loosely with plastic wrap to help keep the seeds warm. 
  • Set the container in a sunny spot in the laundry room where it will hopefully stay warm enough for germination. 

Now we are just in wait-and-water mode. Once I see some sprouts, they will go under our grow lights until they are ready to move out to the cold frame.

It is so nice to be gardening again:)

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