Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekly Garden Journal Week 3

We finally have some exciting stuff going on in the garden! I have been gradually hardening off our kale and lettuce seedlings and they will get planted outside after Easter. The weather has been warming up a bit, which is SO nice!! The seedlings are looking pretty good.

I think they need out of those cups though;). I was originally going to put them in our cold frame, but today I really wanted to plant some seeds so I planted chard, lettuce, and carrot seeds in the cold frame.  There is a little space left for some of these guys, but most of them will go right out into the garden, in a raised bed with milk bottle cloches if needed. Hopefully I will not kill them!

But even more exciting, we have stuff coming up in the garden!

Rhubarb in the mud! This rhubarb is old, old, old. It was planted by the people who lived here before us. I have new rhubarb plants on order. When they come in, these guys and the new ones will move into a dedicated rhubarb bed. Because I really love rhubarb.

Also, we have garlic coming up! I have been pulling back the straw every few days to check.  Today there were a few little shoots!

At least, I am hoping this is the garlic. There are a few of these little shoots poking up. This is my first year growing garlic, so I really have no clue what it should look like!

That's the garden update for this week. I hope next week I will be able to say I have planted peas, but that will depend on how quickly the soil can dry out!


  1. I was hoping to get my peas and potatoes out on St. Patrick's day - but we've had wayyyy too much cold and snow for that. We are growing garlic too - when did you put yours in? I put some in on warmer day earlier this year, covered in compost and straw...but I think they would do better if I put them in last fall. I'm learning this whole gardening thing. My grandparents were farmers, but I wasn't real close to them and then didn't pass down any of their gardening knowledge to me. I'm starting all this from scratch. In addition to the blog, I'm keeping a folder with notes about when I planted, what I planted, how many I planted and going from there.
    We are getting our chicks soon - next Saturday we are (hopefully) going to the hatchery for a chicken class. Excited!

  2. We planted it in November and threw a bunch of straw over it. I am really hoping it works out. I think I want the scapes that come first more than the actual garlic, though that will be nice too. We got some from a farm share last year and they were great for making garlic bread! Chicks are so exciting! You are going to have tons of fun with them:)