Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Canning, Again

It feels like it's been ages and ages since I've canned anything. I know pretty soon it will be summer and I will be up to my eyes in tomatoes and berries and all sorts of other lovely things, but I just couldn't wait until then. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up, you know? And maybe I am weird, but canning is a definite mood brightener around here.

So, I made marmalade.

This is a grapefruit, orange, lemon marmalade from the Ball Book of Home Preserving. It is the one called "Easiest Marmalade Ever", and I believe that is most likely true! You don't have to peel the fruit and it is not a three day process. All you do is dice up the fruit in the food processor-peel and all- and simmer it with sugar until it's ready. Oh, and you stir in some maraschino cherries at the end which darkens up the color nicely. If you have this book, it's worth a try, if you like marmalade. And the jars look super pretty when setting up, and even nicer on the pantry shelves. 

 I might be able to wait until rhubarb season now for my next canning project.  I need to stock up on some canning supplies so I'm on the hunt for an online place with good prices. If you have any suggestions, please comment!


  1. This will sound strange - but check with some construction companies. I found (on Craigslist) a company that saves their soil samples in quart size wide mouth canning jars. Every three years, they dump the jars in the trash (can you imagine?) - well, last year, the woman that works the front office couldn't, with a good heart, dump all those jars in the trash (I'm talking thousands and thousands)...so she put them on Craigslist for FREE - we just had to pick them up and clean them up (dump the dirt and tear off the duct tape that was wrapped around the edges). A little elbow grease and we have around 1100 canning jars...at no cost. :-)

  2. See I never would have thought that! I will have to get back into my Craiglist checking habit:). Thanks!